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MYRA: On the north of the church of Saint Nicholas, the ruins of  MYRA city and rock tombs can be found on the slope of a mountain .It is understood from the ancient city walls that this ancient city which is right next to the theatre, was built  on a steep hill. As a member of the Lycian League, Myra played an important role in coin minting. The oldest coins of Myra date to 3rd century BC.On these coins, images of Artemis and local goddesses are visible. Would you like to know more? Then Come and book your tour! 




KEKOVA (SUNKEN CITY):  Kekova  has a surface area of 5,7sq km. On the north shore of Kekova, the ruins of a city, whose large part has sunk under sea, can be viewed. That is why the island is very important in terms of underwater archaeology. The island of Kekova  is the  main stop for yacht tours also.  

St.NICOLAUS: According to ancient sources, St.Nicolaus was born towards the end of the the 3rd century in Patara, 60 km west of Demre in a wealthy family. He had a good education and devoted himself to mankind. Due to  his assistance to those around him, he was  loved very much. Every year in Demre on the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s birthday, the poor people found golden apples, toys and snacks on their door steps. But no one had a clue about who this benevolent person was.  



SIMENA : The  village of Kale ,previously known as  Simena,  is very attractive. Its ruins are  situated under the sea , and a well preserved Middle ages detens walls are on the slope. Most of the buildings have two floors.The stone ruins in the garden are also quite appealing.Simena’s most interesting ruin is undoubtedly the theatre which was carved in the natural rock block.